About The Reluctant Parisian

Welcome to The Reluctant Parisian. I am a writer by trade, an Alabamian by birth, and a Californian at heart. I am also a wife and mother.

I started this blog in October of 2017, as my family prepares to move to Paris for a period of three years.

We’re excited for the adventure, but nervous about the challenges. Northern California is an easy place to live. Between the mild weather, the excellent food, and the endless coastlines, it’s also an easy place to love. When we moved here in 1999, I swore I would never live anywhere else.

Picking up and moving to a country where we don’t know anyone and don’t know the language is scary. Which is why I call this blog, with all due respect to the beautiful city that has inspired lovers, artists, and writers for centuries, The Reluctant Parisian.

a bientôt…

Oct. 15, 2017