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5 Useful French Phrases

Here are five random but useful French phrases that will fit plenty of situations. This is assuming you already know how to do standard greetings, order from a menu, and ask where the bathroom is.

  1. To start your day and get stuff done: J’ai besoin de mon cafe.Translation: I need my coffee.
  2. To get out of a social engagement: Encore une fois. Translation: Another time.
  3. To keep your head at a business lunch (or on a date) without seeming like a boring American teetotaler: Pas trop de vin, juste une larme, s’il vous plait. Translation: Not too much wine, just a drop, please.
  4. What to say when you don’t know what to say (because it is almost always fitting): Je dois acheter du pain. Translation: I need to buy some bread.
  5. What to say when you just don’t get it: Pourriez-vous parler moins vite s’il vous plaît? Translation: Can you speak more slowly please?

image courtesy of Nafinia Putra via unsplash

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